East Valley Hospice


When a critically ill senior parent needs care, there are a variety of facets to consider when choosing East Valley hospice.  This time is extremely challenging for the adult children but having a plan and being both physically and mentally systematized, will make this wearisome time less stressful and cause less anxious.  Finding a good hospice means either transitioning a loved one to a facility close to home or finding a staff and hiring them to care and pay attention to your elder parent in their home.  One of the most important characteristics to consider in the hospice care experience is the ethical treatment of your loved one. You should feel included throughout the entire process.

Clinical excellence in East Valley Hospice

Clinical superiority means providing the finest quality of end-of-life service with the top respect for a patient’s dignity. Also, providing the senior with compassion and trust is crucial. On-call teams and 24-hour care are all signs of a quality care facility or home care responders. Special emphasis is placed on pain control and symptom management in this critical time in the last 6 months of a patient’s life. A quality hospice is covered by Medicaid for the 6 months up to the end of life.

The hospice should respect and honor all the rights of the elder patient. Every time of daily needs such as bathing and common hygiene should be done for all patients in a quality hospice. While life-saving equipment may not be required any more, the staff are still ethically responsible to give the patient medicine and administer any type of required injections.  Checkups and nursing care are fundamental under quality hospice care.  Excellent, ethical care can be found in East Valley, AZ.

Ethical Behavior

Hospice care is different from the hospital care because the goal is moved from performing life-saving measures to keeping the elderly patient as contented and comfortable as the staff is physically able to do during their final days. When choosing good hospice care in East Valley, AZ consider everything from the ethical behavior of the staff and clinical excellence for the patient as well as family centered care so everyone feels comfortable. Your elder parent’s doctor will most likely be able to give high recommendations of quality hospice care for your parent to stay up to 6 months. The doctor could also suggest that the patient stay at home with quality hospice care visiting the patient daily.

Patient and Family-Centered Attention

A quality hospice has a superior staff that holds excellent relationship and communication with the patient’s family. Some hospice services allow therapy for the family members to help with the difficulty of overcoming the grief caused by a loved one passing on.  Along with therapy services, some hospices will help to handle the patients’ financial matters after their death.  Keeping good communication and a good relationship with the caring staff throughout the patient’s stay will help support any issues that may come up and evade things slipping through the cracks.

Whether you choose hospice care at home or at a facility, be aware of what you are getting in to. Do vital research and important comparison options before making your big decision. Think about what will be the most comforting place for your senior as well as what is best for you and the entire family. While it is a timely issue, you should not make a hurried decision. Ask the patient’s primary care doctor for their recommendations as they often are associated with various care facilities and nurses.