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For seniors who live in the home of a family caregiver, East Valley Adult Day Care can be a godsend when things are stressful for everyone involved.  We want nothing more than to care for our aging parents, but the need to provide around the clock care can make it impossible to maintain a job, properly provide for our children, or receive the respite time we need to ensure our own happiness and mental health.  Seniors can become equally stressed with the lack of peer socialization and the knowledge that their living situation places a burden on the people they love the most.  Thankfully, adult day care can provide the assistance needed to make the situation easier for everyone involved.

Adult day care offers seniors the ability to spend the day among peers in an environment where they can be safely monitored and cared for while caregivers are able to go to work, tend to family obligations, or simply enjoy a period of respite.  Each facility is different, and some work to provide outings and events for seniors to enjoy while others are aimed more at providing care for clients who are unable to care for themselves.  Finding the right facility for your loved one means taking the time to call around and ask questions and to visit those that seem as though they might be a good fit.

If someone you love requires transition into assisted living, The East Valley Eldercare Channel can help. We offer the below directory to help you easily contact facilities located in the area.  We also offer plenty of helpful information to help you know what to look for and what to ask when you contact each facility. The East Valley Eldercare Channel is sponsored by Mark Leuer, owner of Right at Home.

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