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East Valley Arizona Assisted Living facilities offer an alternative to nursing home care for seniors who find that they are unable to safely reside in their own homes but who do not require around the clock medical care and supervision.  Many of these facilities operate along a continuum, providing as much independence as possible to residents while making sure that they always have assistance with tasks that they cannot perform on their own.  If you have a loved one in need of assisted living, it can prove very helpful to find a facility that will allow them to retain as much independence as possible.

Finding a quality assisted living facility means taking the time to contact multiple facilities and to inquire about staffing, licensure, insurance acceptance, amenities, and more.  Once you have narrowed your list, it is time to perform an onsite visit.  Take the time to speak with residents as well as staff members in order to get a clear idea of what the facility is like, and ask to be given a tour of shared and private areas.

If someone you love requires transition into assisted living, The East Valley Eldercare Channel can help. We offer the below directory to help you easily contact facilities located in the area.  We also offer plenty of helpful information to help you know what to look for and what to ask when you contact each facility. The East Valley Eldercare Channel is sponsored by Mark Leuer, owner of Right at Home.

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