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This section of the East Valley Eldercare Channel features East Valley Medical Equipment providers.  Are mobility issues making it harder for you or a loved one to remain independent?  Do you find yourself reliant on home medical supplies such as insulin syringes, incontinence pads, or bandages?  If home medical equipment and supplies are a part of your life, knowing where to get them is important.  Medical expenses today can be very high, and insurance doesn’t always cover 100%.  This means that you have to do what it takes to find high quality supplies at prices that you can afford.

For many seniors, navigating the golden years often means making adaptations and changes to accommodate changes in mobility and health.  While this doesn’t always mean that seniors cannot live independently, it does often mean that home medical equipment and supplies will be necessary to maintain safety and quality of life.  Thankfully, as more and more seniors are aging in place, the availability of medical equipment for home use has greatly expanded.

Types of home medical equipment are incredibly varied.  Things such as hospital beds, dialysis and respiratory equipment, and more can now be purchased for use within the home.  Patients will also find that they can order things such as prosthetics as well as daily use items like diabetes and wound care supplies.  Mobility equipment also falls into this category and can include anything from wheelchairs and hand rails to bed baths and shower seats.

East Valley Medical Equipment

At The East Valley Eldercare Channel, we know that finding the right home medical equipment is important. Video host Mark Leuer of Right at Home offers articles and blogs on finding the right supplier and what to look for in terms of insurance claims, shipping, and more as well as the directory listed below to make it easier to find a local home medical equipment company that is able to meet your needs.

Shopping for medical equipment, whether this means ramps and stair lifts or incontinence and diabetes supplies, requires a bit of research.  There are companies both locally and online that can work with major insurers, and each will offer a different selection and prices.  Quality and price are both major considerations, and you will want to decide whether you want to pick up supplies as needed, have them shipped to order, or even set up automatic deliveries.

At The East Valley Eldercare Channel, our directory of home medical equipment providers can help you make an easier choice.  We offer directories for many common senior care services in order to help you find local help when you need it.  We know that having access to valuable services is critical for today’s seniors, and we have the listings, information, and answers you need to help make things easy.  The East Valley Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Mark Leuer and the folks of Right at Home of East Valley.

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